TV Studio

TV Studio (164m2) localized in the Euro Hall is the perfect place for holding any kind of conferences, webinars, product placements, live broadcasts, all this with a green screen use.

In our professional TV Studio is a special audience space (45m2).

Studio w Sali Euro
TV Studio, Euro Hall

In addition to a full space rental, there is a possibility of broadcasting from other Stadium spaces:

  1. Studio, L6.
  2. Terrace, ground floor.
1. Studio, poziom L6.
1. Studio, L6
2. Teren przy murawie stadionu, poziom 0.
2. Terrace, ground floor

Basic equipment package:

  • Multimedia equipment (2 cameras, a video mixer, wiring, computers)
  • Audio equipment (a mixer, 2 tie-clip microphones)
  • Lighting equipment
  • An overview monitor on a tripod
  • A prompter in a floor casing
  • An overview audience monitor in a floor casing
  • A broadband internet connection
  • Scenography (7×2,8m), a white speaking platform, chairs, tables
  • Live presentation broadcast
  • Client’s social media streaming platform broadcast
  • Live file broadcast
  • Broadcast service

Total price:

Space rental, equipment, tech service, and broadcast: 3 950 PLN Netto

Additional equipment and services:

  • Additional tie-clip microphone : 50 PLN netto
  • Broadcast help on client’s platforms: 300 PLN netto per channel
  • Every additional camera: 500 PLN netto
  • Client’s graphics broadcast : 30 PLN netto per graphic
  • Broadcast recording cut: 50 PLN netto per recording
  • Remote calls: 350 PLN netto per 1 call
  • Youtube – a private link with a possible website usage: 500 PLN netto
  • Vimeo – a private link with a possible website usage: 1 000 PLN netto
  • Straming platform – branding, transmission window, limited access, chat: 1 900 PLN netto

Graphic projects: 

  • Key Visual – graphic event theme development – 2 000 PLN netto
  • Animated breakbumper – animations development in Key Visual [one animation]: 150 PLN netto
  • Breakfiller – static graphic development in Key Visual [one graphic]: 35 PLN netto
  • Bumper/Intro – starting animation/bumper development in Key Visual 10-15 sek. [one animation]: 500 PLN netto
  • Stinger – stinger/ transition animation devleopment (2-3 s) (usually just containing a logo or simple text) [one animation]: 250 PLN netto
  • Logoloop – logoloop animation development (usually containing looped logos) [one animation]: 250 PLN netto
  • Info – name/surname ticker development with a simple text [one animation]: 250 PLN netto
  • News ticker– information/news ticker development [one animation]: 250 PLN netto

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